Friday, August 24, 2012

CPL Training for September

                                          CPL TRAINING CLASS
       Class Description – Shooters Edge LLC Conducts Concealed Pistol License training classes once a month. This class is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and training needed to carry a concealed firearm. All instructors are NRA certified training instructors. The legal portion will be taught by a certified federal law enforcement officer who is trained and currently practices in the field of self defense and the use of lethal force.
Benefits of signing up with us – One day certification. Firearms available for use at  no extra cost. No hidden range fees. NRA certified training instructors.
ØWhen – Our next class is Saturday September 22nd. Class starts at 8AM.
ØWhy – To get the training and confidence to be better prepared to protect yourself and your family.
ØWhat to do – Contact us at 734-749-7051 and we can get the process started on you attaining a CPL.
                  Coffee, donuts and lunch are provided at no extra cost.

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